Monday, June 20, 2011

Old scanned pics!

I finally scanned the head/movement shots I got from a photographer from the So Cal Specialty last year (2010)! Sorry for the grainy files, the scanner wasn't the best of quality. It's so funny looking at the head shots of Penny and Presston. They look so young!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Litter Eval for Fallon BCs

This past Saturday myself and friend Jeanne (Celestria BC's) went to visit Pam and her Fallon BCs for a litter evaluation. I enjoy going to as many litter evaluations as I can of any breed. I feel like every time is such a great learning experience, and builds and develops more of a foundation for structure for myself. I have been helping at litter evals for years now and hope to do many more! One of the best parts about them is getting the chance to play with puppies and snap some photos.

This litter is Celestria's Warrior O' Tonalee PT (NZ/Aust/Am Ch Xmas-Cracker at Clan-Abby x Ch Tonalee's Highland Hope PT, FDCH) x Gr Ch Fallon's Silver Phantom (Ch Glentress Spell Bound NAJ x Ch Shoreland's Misty Moonlite). Enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3pt major for Presston

Wow what a whirlwind trip to Gridley, CA for the shows this past weekend. Entering Presston was not something I did until the last minute, and I am so very pleased that I did.

First of all, the show was a total weather disaster. On Saturday it was a steady pour of rain non-stop all day. I think I can say that every exhibitor was dressed in muck boots and mud-stomping attire. Sunday the weather was still raining, but not as steady. It did seem that it would stop everytime we were hanging inside the RV or arriving home- right Jeanne? I can't say that I didn't take a fall in the parking lot in the pouring rain tripping over some crates. It was just one of those weekends.

Saturday, Presston took WD/BOS for 2 points.

Sunday, Presston took WD/BOW/BOB for a 3 point major!

Winning that major was a very emotional experience for me. Presston means the world to me, so there was no greater joy than taking the purple ribbon with him. Now, just one more 3 pt major to go. If we would have taken BOW on Sunday he would have been finished. There's always the next show.... :)