Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photos from Vallejo by Julie

My good friend Julie Lahr got some great pics of me and Penny this past weekend. Just wanted to share! Thank you so much Julie!

Also, wonderful news, we did a CERF check on Penny this weekend while at the show and she is clear! Yipee!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

International Shows

The first weekend of this month we decided to do something different... International Shows! The IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) puts on local all-breed shows through their program a few times a year. Hearing about a very relaxed, fun environment, I decided to bring Penny along to one and see how it goes. In these shows, dogs are given a written critque in "European style". Dogs are given ratings based on quality. The highest level given is a V-1 Rating. if your dog receives 3 V-1 rating cards, under three different judges, with at least one from a different country, you will receive your Intl. Ch title. There were two shows each day, which made for a lot of ring experience. Penny easily obtained four V-1 ratings, thus finishing her International Title. She also won Best of Breed 3 out of the 4 shows, and each time she won BOB she pulled group placements.. which was a Group 2, and two Group 3's. We came home with lots of medals and it was a really great experience. At this point we can attend another and gain two more V-1 titles and get the National Champion title. Just another thing to add to her name I suppose!