Sunday, January 17, 2010

Almost show season

Presston, December 2009

It's finally almost the start of the high show season around here. I'm READY. Well I am. Maybe the dogs aren't quite ready (can we say slipper feet?). I'll have both of my crew out showing hopefully, which luckily I have a dog and a bitch so I can spread things out each day a wee bit. Here's to some interesting show adventures.. and as always, the blog will be full of them! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Win Photo

As I realize posts/photos/links/etc. to share from the past, I will be posting them. So look forward to backdated information if I decide to post it.
Such as, back in March I showed Presston at the Bakersfield, CA shows. They had a BIS Puppy competition, so after we won Best Puppy in the breed ring we did puppy groups. Presston handled the whole thing wonderfully (and kudos from all the waiting around in the heat!), and we took home a Puppy Group 3. :) I don't like the picture too much (ackward angle), but it's a souviner for greater things to come.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Puppy Eval Party Day

no I'm not in the pic. I got to be the photographer! ;)

Last weekend I headed over to my friend Pam's house with several other border collie breeders to have a puppy evaluation party day. And to smell puppy breath! I LOVE these. I try to attend litter evaluations as much as possible (other breeds too... like the German Shorthair one I went to a few weeks back). Doing these really helps with education on our breed, and it's nice to see an 8 week old to compare it to as an adult when I see it out in the rings in the future. Pam and Rick had a really nice litter. I can't wait to see them all grow up!

Just a few snapshots of puppies.. because who doesn't like to see puppy photos?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, Pennnnnnnny!

If you check out my website you know that little "Penny" is my little bundle of gold. I noticed through a long gap in my blog postings she didn't get mentioned, as that was during the time I got her. Anywho, Penny is Noteworthy Heart of Hot Gold. Yes, from the same place Presston came from. How could I pass up another dog from Carol? She's a little firecracker, full of drive and eagerness to please. When I met her sire Robbie (Ch Pawtails Too Hot THandle CD) in person when I went to pick up Presston I was in love. What a beautiful and driven dog. Her mother is "Juice" (Ch Noteworthy Queen of Hearts), who is a Thief daughter (Thief is Presston's dad).

Penny has been my "cross over to clicker training" guinea pig dog, and so far it has been working wonderful! She catches on to new commands so easily. Do I see a CD in our future? I'm thinking so! I took her out as a puppy once at a show (Conformation) and showed during a 3 day weekend. She took reserve one of the days. Which hey, considering she's gold and has prick ears that's a pretty sweet deal. She moves very clean and consistent and does great little freestacks, so for me, a puppy just behaving in the ring is icing on the cake. She's about 8 months now, and should be hitting up the puppy show classes again very soon.