Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vallejo results!

Ahhh a nice tiring 3 day long weekend of shows. It was nice to have one of those show weekends where you felt jazzed about the future, you know? Also, the weekend started out sort of iffy with a lady blowing at us because she thought the entire power outlets belonged to her and wanted no part of sharing and proceeded to unplug my extension cords. Alas, I found another place to groom out dogs and let things pass. To put good karma out there, I let some borzoi people borrow thinning shears and equipment and put good dog show vibes out into the world. Can't all people be positive and giving? ;)

Now onto the results..

Friday- Presston RWD, Penny RWB
Saturday- Presston RWD, Penny RWB (can I just remind everyone how close it was on both decisions and how we had to reaaally work it in the ring. So so close!)
Sunday- Presston, RWD, Penny WB, BOW for a 4 point major! Yipeeee!

Great great weekend all around. I'm so proud of my border kids. Presston is really out there asking for the points now, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time. And Penny, my sweet girl! Her first major. I'm very excited. She is so fun to show. The compliments on her are incredible. And exhibitors of other breeds always comment on her rich gold coloring.

Lots of nice dogs out there showing. It's such an enjoyable experience just to be out there enjoying the gorgeous weather with my dogs!

Julie, my GSP friend, took a few pictures of Penny for me to share. At 11 months she's starting to mature and look great. I just love her look. Thanks again Julie!

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